Bitcoin reaches a new high in 2020, what happened?


Bitcoin (BTC) never tires of testing new limits and surprising the crypto market. Today BTC reached $12,046, reaching a new high in 2020. Was it maintained?

Bitcoin tests new annual highs
Do you remember when many believed that Bitcoin was dead after its crash in mid-March? So, almost unnoticed, the BTC market has been gathering strength to make the crypto market interesting again.

Today, after four months of almost steady growth, Bitcoin finally hit a 2020 high of $12,046. However, let’s remember that this is not the first time that BTC has faced the key level of $12,000.

The first time Bitcoin faced a major rejection that pushed it to $11,000. And this second time was no different. In a matter of seconds Bitcoin fell several hundred dollars.

At this moment, according to the CryptoTrend tool, Crypto Online, Bitcoin has a valuation of $11,808. It also has a market capitalization of $218 billion according to CoinMarketCap.

And remember that number, since Bitcoin’s market cap, being over $200 billion, places Crypto Currency alongside well-known names such as Netflix and AT&T.

The above data gives us a very interesting perspective since market cap is measured as the sum of all shares or currencies multiplied by the current market price. In other words, Bitcoin has put itself on a par with major leaders.

La Plata yields the same as Bitcoin in 2020

New Grayscale TV commercial, Disappointed Bitcoin Fans?
Today, Grayscale Investment, the world’s largest provider of investment instruments in crypto-currencies, launched a national spot on digital currencies in the United States. However, the public is not happy.

The controversial new commercial was posted via Grayscale’s official Twitter account, where they wrote: „Our new commercial opens TODAY… Trust us: Turn it up!

However, the crypto community was disappointed after more than two-thirds of the 30-second clip did not mention Bitcoin or cryptomonies.

In fact, during all that time, the commercial briefly reviews the history of money as a medium of exchange, moving from barter to the „printing of unlimited amounts of money“ that occurs today.

And, suddenly, the ad concludes by saying „and that’s why it’s time for digital coins. In fact, the name Crypto Comeback Pro or Ethereum only appears as part of the name of Grayscale’s trusts.