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The core philosophy behind Primary Education Oasis is that great teaching demands results - our goal is to improve student achievement.

Teaching strategies must:

  • be evidence and results-based
  • raise achievement 
  • emphasize higher order thinking
  • provide reinforcement and recognition
  • develop informal, formal and academic vocabulary
  • teach students to question, hypothesize and generate new ideas 

...and that's what you will find at Primary Education Oasis.

It may not always be the cutest idea (I drool over Pinterest and wish I were more crafty!) but after 20+ years of working in elementary education and growing students in all areas, I know what works and what doesn't.

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Resources from Primary Education Oasis

Reading Karate - a strategy for building reading motivation
Teaching resource for teaching fluency and comprehension
Mother Goose Math oral math talk teaching resource

Articles and Teaching News

Jan 21, 2015

Cloud Naming Lesson for Basic Cloud Types

Too fun and too cute! A puffy paint cloud naming lesson for the three basic types of clouds.

Continue reading "Cloud Naming Lesson for Basic Cloud Types"

Aug 08, 2014

Meet Your Teacher Ideas

Looking for fun and cute meet your teacher ideas? You are going to love this adorable back to school idea, plus my Pinterest Board of ideas!.

Continue reading "Meet Your Teacher Ideas"

Jul 28, 2014

Don't Let Classroom Discipline Send You Running for Cover

There are times when classroom discipline becomes necessary, even with the most well managed room. Instead of being authoratarian, try being more responsive.

Continue reading "Don't Let Classroom Discipline Send You Running for Cover"

Jul 27, 2014

Five Ways Common Core Math is Worse Than Not Getting a Rose

Being kicked off the Bachelor is bad, but Common Core math anxiety is even worse. Here are 5 reasons why mathematics under Common Core is worse than not getting a rose on The Bachelor.

Continue reading "Five Ways Common Core Math is Worse Than Not Getting a Rose"

Jul 16, 2014

Teaching Mathematics

Teaching mathematics to young children is about developing strong number sense, mastering their facts, using vocabulary skills and providing concrete elementary math activities.

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Apr 05, 2014

Halloween Science

Boo! Stir up some spooky fun with Halloween science. These quick and easy Halloween lesson plans keep the focus on academics but are full of spooky fun.

Continue reading "Halloween Science"

Nov 02, 2013

Tips for Teaching Main Idea

Are you teaching main idea? This page is full of lessons, tips and worksheets to make you a success in any classroom.

Continue reading "Tips for Teaching Main Idea"

Oct 27, 2013

Halloween Number Sense Activities

These Halloween number sense activities won't scare your little goblins - they're more like a treat than a trick!

Continue reading "Halloween Number Sense Activities"

Oct 19, 2013

Halloween Science: Ghost Rockets

Scare your little ghouls with these Halloween science ghost rockets - they will shiver with delight!

Continue reading "Halloween Science: Ghost Rockets"

Sep 02, 2013

Behavior Intervention Plan for Elementary Students

Little kids sometimes need a behavior intervention plan, because they can completely disrupt an entire room. Here are some ideas that really work.

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