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Star Wars Guide to Google Classroom

Seven tips for how to use the Google Classroom tool in an elementary classroom.  

Building Vocabulary Skills

This is such a simple idea but it reaps huge rewards.  

Sample ideas, an explanation of how I use it, plus you can purchase the large thermometer (both American and A4 European sizes) for just $3.00.

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primary education oasis reading lessons

Best practices in teaching reading that produce real results: students who are fluent, use great prosody, excel at comprehension and best of all...

They love to read!

primary education oasis math lessons

Here are more ways than you can count to engage children in
balanced mathematics that encourages rigorous problem solving.

It's not just about the money though.  Math games, dice and card games and using nursery rhymes for developing math skills are all included.

primary education oasis teacher resources

Teachers love freebies (I know I do!):

  • Number Sense Activities
  • Place Value Activities
  • Teaching with Fairy Tales

...plus many more!  

(Pssst:  When you share the Teacher Resource page with your friends it opens up a ton of free worksheets).

reading karate

Don't miss Reading Karate - the best-selling ebook that has sold over 3,000 copies.   Why do teachers love it?  

It's simple, it works and kids are motivated readers!

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